Bushfire & Natural Hazards Program

Li'l Larikkins

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Li’l Larrikins was produced in 2010 and has not been updated. There are no plans to update this content. It no longer represents endorsed up-to-date information or messaging. This information is provided as an archive for people who are doing research on teaching resources and public safety campaigns targeting children. AIDR 2023.

The Li'l Larikkins digital stories are designed to educate children in Australian primary schools about the dangers of bushfires and other natural hazards, and the actions they can take to protect themselves from harm. The resources are supported by lesson plans organised in two separate categories:

  • Bushfire education

The Li’l Larikkins Bushfire Safety Program was developed to help lower primary, middle primary and upper primary students understand fire and the importance of bushfire preparation and safety both at school and at home.

Introduction: Bushfire Safety Program (PDF 1075KB)

  • Natural hazards education

The Natural Hazards Children’s Awareness and Education Program is focused on preparing children and their families for natural hazards including floods, storms, tsunami and cyclones. 

Introduction: Natural Hazards Children's Awareness and Education Program (PDF 107KB)

Included resources

  • a collection of digital safety stories on YouTube
  • Lesson plans
  • links to emergency services and support agencies