Disaster Resilient Australia-New Zealand School Education Network (DRANZSEN)

The Disaster Resilient Australia-New Zealand School Education Network (DRANZSEN) is a national initiative of the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience. DRANZSEN brings together educators, emergency services, community organisations, researchers and others working with young people to develop knowledge, skills and solutions for a disaster resilient future. Through authentic learning partnerships, DRANZSEN invites young people to participate as active citizens in safe and resilient communities.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework recognises the importance of school education in developing a shared understanding of risk, and the knowledge and skills to reduce risk before, during and after a disaster. 

DRANZSEN activities are guided by the Disaster Resilient Education Strategy Group.

DRANZSEN Forums 2019

The Fourth National DRANZSEN Forum as hosted in Melbourne on 30 August 2019 and brought together leading examples of disaster resilience education shared at jurisdictional DRANZSEN forums. Explore proceedings by event below.

DRANZSEN Forums (2016-18)

Disaster Resilient Education Strategy Group (DRESG)

The national Disaster Resilience Education Strategy Group (DRESG) provides leadership and direction for DRANZSEN and the AIDR Education for Young People Program. Group membership includes representatives from policy, research, education and emergency management at both state/territory and national level. 

For more information on DRESG, contact AIDR.

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